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If you’re not eating fish at least
3-4 times a week…

Then you’re not getting enough of the Omega-3 Essential
Fatty Acids, and it’s costing you any chance of maximizing
your lean muscle building and fat loss efforts!

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Are You Afraid To Eat Fish?

You Have Good Reason!

It seems every time you put on the news there's another story warning you about the dangers of eating too much fish due to high levels of heavy metals and impurities. "Don't eat tuna", "Eat only farm-raised fish", "Mercury poisoning possible in just 1-2 servings a week"...the stories are endless.

It doesn't get much better in supposed "health food" stores where shelves are stacked with cheap versions of omega-3's that famous author Dr. Barry Sears refers to as the "Sewer of the Sea"!

Stop trusting your health and virtually every cellular function in your body to substandard sources of omega-3's. Remember... you cannot synthesize these essential fatty acids on your own... you absolutely need to find a reliable source to get them from if you're going to optimize your health! They're called ESSENTIAL for very good reason!


For The Health of Every Cell

Labeled the "Gatekeeper To Your Metabolism", highly purified Omega-3's have been shown to control whether your body stores fat or burns it... builds new muscle or breaks down what you have. Stop letting joint pain and inflammation ruin your workouts!

Pharmaceutical grade Omega-3's get right to the source of the pain by lubricating achy joints and preventing inflammation before it starts so you can feel what it's like to train without pain again!

Appearing in highest concentration in brain cells... Omega-3's are deeply rooted in the functions of memory, mental alertness and reaction time. Multitask and organize with ease with a level of laser focus you most likely haven't experienced in awhile.

Omega-3 fatty acids can protect your body against the accumulation of the protein believed to be linked to Alzheimer's disease, according to studies published in The Journal of Neuroscience. Just another example of why EFA's have been given the reputation as an ingestible Fountain of Youth.

As the ONLY supplement endorsed by the American Heart Association... Omega-3's have been PROVEN to increase "good" cholesterol and decrease LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and heart disease risk! (Arm yourself with your daily combatant against the #1 killer in America)

Pharmaceutical grade Omega-3’s… The secret Weapon you’ve been waiting for to end the ‘Inflammation War” your body is losing everyday!

How Do Omega-3’s Work?

Don't Let Your Hard Work In the Gym Go Unrewarded... Do you ever feel like you're in a constant war with your body? You fight to get rid of fat, but your body just keeps putting it on! You work out five, six or even seven days a week but yet... seem like you've hit a plateau and can't put on even an ounce of new muscle.

What's the problem? Simple. You're losing the "Inflammation War" raging inside your body on a daily basis.

When you workout you cause a mechanical break down of muscle tissue and muscle fiber micro-damage/inflammation. While this is a desired and necessary stimulus from which muscle regeneration and growth can occur... left uncontrolled, your body finds it nearly impossible to recover prior to the next workout and you wind up quickly descending into a vicious cycle of inflammatory overtraining. Simple math states that when you break down muscle cells faster than you can repair them... YOU DON'T GET RESULTS!

Omega-3's prevent this from happening by blocking excess inflammation before it starts (through powerful chemicals called prostaglandins) and therefore keeping the muscle repair process between workouts to a minimum. Think of them as your body's natural "firefighters" that race to the scene to put out the "flames" of muscle and connective tissue breakdown just before they get out of control and make growth impossible. But that's not all. Exciting new research is showing that the combination of ultra high grade omega-3's with protein is proving to produce even greater muscle building gains than protein alone, so those already consuming the typical high protein "bodybuilders" diet will see even more immediate changes to their bodies and reward for their hard efforts in the gym with the addition of pharmaceutical grade EFA's!

As fat burners, their potential gets even more intriguing. By keeping virtually every cell in your body operating at peak efficiency, pharmaceutical grade omega-3's can help you to achieve what's known as Peak Metabolic Activity (PMA) and speed up even the slowest metabolism to become a virtual fat burning furnace! Add in their scientifically proven abilities to stabilize key weight management hormones like insulin and leptin (which control your appetite and how your body stores fat) and you've got the ultimate ally in your battle to achieve sub-10% body fat levels year round.

As the key building blocks to not only your muscle and fat cells but EVERY cell in your body, omega-3 fatty acids can impact your overall health and metabolism more significantly than any other supplement you can put in your body. Fail to include them in your supplement regimen (or even worse... turn to inferior sources to get them) and your body will pay the price as you suffer the effects of overtraining at a cellular level.


Dr. C’s Contains an Astounding 1080 EPA/720 DHA Concentration of Pharmaceutical Grade EFA’s Per Recommended Daily Dose!

The Formula

Dr. C's Omega 3's Allow You To FINALLY Experience The FULL Benefits This Irreplaceable Supplement Has to Offer (Especially For Those Who THOUGHT Their Health Food Store Bought Omega's Were Actually Working!) Omega-3's are nothing new. Doctors, scientists, and other health and fitness experts have been raving about their amazing health benefits for years.

But unless you were willing to pay hundreds of dollars a month and get a prescription from a doctor for a pharmaceutical version, it was almost impossible to find the pure, molecularly distilled high-grade concentrations of Omega-3's that they were talking about all along. This meant regular people who could only afford the "knock off" brands at their local health store only got a fraction of the benefits (and frankly wasted a lot of their money in the process). Now, thanks to a brand new fish oil purification process we are bringing you the same high dose concentrations of Omega-3's previously only available to people with the means to pay exorbitant prices – at a cost that now anyone can afford!

Now don't be confused. Dr. C's Omega 3's cannot be purchased for $8 a bottle in a grocery store... and for good reason! When it comes to getting the benefits of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, it's quite simply a case of "you get what you pay for". The fact is that by removing the toxins, heavy metals and impurities that are found in bulk in most store bought brands... the remaining fatty acids (DHA and EPA) become more concentrated and can exert their powerful effects much more effectively and efficiently than their imitators.

Consider this. It takes about 100 gallons of what you find in the health food stores in your neighborhood or at various sites online to get a gallon of the effective ingredients that actually cause the changes in your body! This is because health food store bought fish oils come from crude fish oil sources... which have been called by the foremost researchers as the sewer of the sea. When these fish oils are produced, they are extracted out of the fish, and all the toxins that are fat soluble (like the PCBs, the mercury, and contaminants) go with the oil and become highly concentrated in that oil. Taken consistently, this means more harm than good for those getting their Omega's from these inferior sources. Now, with Dr. C's... you can get your essential fatty acids (that again, MUST be supplied as they cannot be made by the body) in a highly concentrated form without the impurities!

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